Dimensions 2007

December 10, 2007 to February 03, 2008

Dimensions is the SCC’s annual, open, juried, touring exhibition presenting the best work by Saskatchewan Fine Craft artisans. This exhibition was juried by Paula Sasso — a Professor of functional design and woodworking at the Murray State University in Kentucky — and Karen Schoonover — the Director and Curator of the Art Gallery of Regina. 36 works by 32 craftspeople were selected from the 149 entries submitted. More information.


Award Winners

  • Premier’s Prize Award for the Outstanding Entry: “Estrella” by Mel Bolen
  • Jane Turnbull Evans Award for Innovation in Craft: “Zig Zag” by Donovan Chester
  • Corrine McKay Merit Award for SCC Members: “Baba Yega’s Belegged Birdhouse” by Evangeline Enns
  • Award for Excellence in Functional and Production Ware & Battleford Purchase Award: “Lidded Urn” by Lorraine Sutter
  • Emerging Artist Merit Award: “A-New-Song” by KellyAnne Forster
  • Award for Excellence in Wood: “Offspring” by Michael Hosaluk
  • Award for Excellence in Glass: “Verdant Seed” by Lee Brady
  • Award for Excellence in Quilting: “Cancer Crazy” by Dianne Douglas
  • Award for Excellence in Craft: “Table” by Michael Hosaluk
  • SCC Member Merit Award: “Young Faun” by Anita Rocamora
  • Award for Excellence in Surface Design: “”Buffalo North – Buffalo South” by Paul Lapointe
  • Award for Excellence in Textile Arts: “Vestal” by June J. Jacobs
  • Award for Excellence in Metal: “”Gentleman Jim” by Irvin Brunas
  • Award for Excellence in Clay: “Mug and Saucer Sculpture” by Lorraine Sutter