Imaginary Artchitects-workmark stacked

December 5, 2014 – January 10, 2015

Reception: Friday, January 9, 7 – 9pm

Workshop: Ages 9+: Saturday December 6, 2 –4pm


“Let us consciously be imaginary architects” ~ Bruno Taut

Imaginary Architects, curated by Stephanie Canning, SCC Exhibitions & Education Coordinator, explores how contemporary Fine Craft artists incorporate notions of play into their work through imaginative, handmade toys and games. A variety of mediums will be featured including: fibre, wood, printmaking, ceramics, paper making, digital media and more. Fun for all ages, there will be opportunities for interactive play. In conjunction with the exhibition, the SCC will be hosting a Fantasy Adventure Card Game lead by Allan Dotson. Allan will guide us through the process of creating our own card game like Magic, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh. Create your own deck of cards, with colorful fantasy artwork and working game mechanics. We’ll combine all the cards together to play a game, and you will take home your own deck to continue playing and expanding.

Allan Dotson teaches game design at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre, and in Regina Public Schools through the CREATE program. His board game A Walk Around Wascana was featured as part of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building’s 100th anniversary artist in residence program.



Category Shift by Berkley Staite
Category Shift is one of the interactive pieces in Imaginary Architects. Click on the game below to start, then use the left and right arrow keys to play.