Saskatchewan Craft Council is pleased to present Other Artifacts — an exhibition of fine craft from Newfoundland artists Michael Flaherty, Susan Furneaux, and Philippa Jones.

In this exhibition, Flaherty, Furneaux, and Jones create mythical worlds with fine craft techniques and materials.

Furneaux tells stories with hand-made dolls, inspired by natural history, folklore, and the Newfoundland landscape using natural dye and historic stitching techniques.

Flaherty, working primarily in ceramics, integrates geometric historical ceramic decoration with the functional element of bicycle tires. Like craft, bicycling is, for Flaherty, “rooted in self-sufficiency, ethical awareness, and resistance to the mainstream.”

As a multi-media fine craft artist, Jones’ diverse art practice combines printmaking, interactive installations, and pen and ink. Central to Jones’ work is the exploration of constructed realities and active myth making, seeking to celebrate inquisitiveness and imagination.